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The challenges you face

Everybody wants in

Whether this is from an increase in traffic to your website or footfall to your store, you're in the majority.

Every company is looking to get more eyes on their products or services, creating an ever-increasingly competitive market.

This is especially true in the online world where businesses are able to reach a much wider audience with their promotional activities and can measure the results.

An evolving world

With the emergence of technology we've seen changes in the way individuals interact with the world around them.

An almost infinite amount of information is available in near real-time.

As a result, attention-spans have shortened. Everyone just seems to have less time to spare than they ever did before.

Have you been deceived?

“Your teams should be designed by channel”

Many companies choose to define teams by the many sub-channels of 'online' and 'offline', however, defining teams from this kind of perspective could be fundamentally damaging to the customer journey. 


“Spend big to win big”

The amount you increase your audience isn’t proportional with the size of your wallet.

You can spend smarter by focussing on specific audiences thus reducing your competition.

“You need to rank #1”

There is a belief by many that in order to gain traffic online, they need to rank first for 'their primary keyword'

Unfortunately, the search behaviour of users doesn't work in this way so your efforts here are or will likely be inefficient and the costs high.  

“You need to be a tech expert”

It doesn’t take a tech genius to increase your audience.

It’s the sheer volume of tools available, which usually confuse people.

We pick our customer attraction tools based on their intuitive design and so all it takes is a little common sense.

Find real solutions

What do they care about?

Customers are more than just a number -- they are real people with belief systems. They believe in what they like. They believe in what they engage with. This can be in the form of the interests or friends they keep. The music genres they subscribe to. Or the books that they read.

Any marketing messages directed towards them will need to engage with them on an emotional level. You need to understand not just how they do things, but also why they do things.

Angles, angles and yet more angles

Once you really understand your customer, you can begin to start building bridges.  

Segmenting customers by their motivations and linking these motivations with your product or services should be the bread and butter of any marketing strategy.  

If you're not already planning your campaigns this way, why?

Work with us today

Objective-led marketing

We provide a straightforward approach to helping you grow your audience. 

Instead of a service-forward approach, we use consultation to understand where your marketing strategy is today.

We use data to analyse your company, your competitors and the market as a whole to develop a strategy that is measurable, achievable and within budget.



Only then do we tailor a selection of services that will align with your goals -- like a nutrition plan for your marketing.

But since no one knows your company better than you, we'd like to see these services carried out in-house where possible. We'll obviously be there to provide service support wherever necessary.

Get in touch and let us help to accelerate your marketing programme.


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