Digital Priory was founded after years of working with service orientated marketing agencies that were unable to deliver integrated marketing solutions.

We’re objective-driven rather than being led by the services we offer. For us, it’s all about achieving the outcomes you’re looking for.

What can I expect?

 Think of us as a rehab clinic for your digital communications. This is our five-step approach:

1.     Identify weaknesses

Focussing on one digital service (e.g. SEO) is like a doctor prescribing a medicine, without identifying the illness. Yet this is how most agencies operate. Your marketing is the same, which is why we get to the root of the issues first.

 2.     Agree on your desired outcomes

You choose from three objectives. Do you need to grow your audience, convert more or create loyalty? If you want to achieve all three, even better! 

 3.     Create a plan

We’ll work with you to build a plan tailored to your audience.

4.     Execute the plan

We’re better than your doctor, as we do all the hard work for you. Alternatively we can work closely with your marketing team so they can deliver the plan.

 5.     Measure the results

The most important part of marketing is measurement. We want your investment to be based on science, not guesswork, so we measure everything we do. This allows us to tweak and test campaigns at every step to maximise your return. 

The Digital Priory do’s and don’ts

We do...

  • We do collaborate. We are developing your company's most important asset, its brand, and it demands your input.
  • We do challenge the status quo and ask difficult questions.
  • We do make our solutions ambitious. We’ve always set a high benchmark and we wont settle for any less with your business.


We don't...

  • We don’t use marketing jargon in the hope it makes us sound big and clever.
  • We don’t offer clients one standalone service. A customer’s journey needs to be seamless and this is not possible through a single channel or service. Our solutions are integrated.
  • We don’t miss deadlines. We work around the clock to understand your business and give it the love it needs.

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